Vlog with Shaman Kawita & Jenny Linnea
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Shamanic healing

Change your way and embrace life.

You know that feeling when you’re standing on top of a mountain, or maybe just on a chair in your living room? Shamanic healing gives you that different perspective – and a completely new view of your life.


Are you seeking adventures in your life or to heal yourself?

I use shamanic healing power to put you in another state. Together we unlock your blockages to get your energy flowing. Then we stay in the present so you can blossom in the future, and be who you are meant to be. My clients love my one on ones, they usually feel like a completely new person, and the word “feeling free” is often used after a session.

Family & Couple

Like family counselling, but differently.

Being in a family or in a relationship takes continuous work, respect, and understanding. When life, stress, and personal challenges take over, it becomes easy to lose the basic emotions and often we feel stuck and have more difficulty connecting to our loved ones. Here, I bridge the gap that has grown between you and your loved ones and create a connection that heals you by resolving the underlying patterns that cause discomfort and disconnect.

Shamanic Mentorship

Flow is the key element for your success.

You can do what you always do, or you can own it. I give you my wisdom and techniques with my mentorship sessions, which will remove obstacles for you so you can fully be more creative in life, and become the unique leader, CEO, or entrepreneur that you are. But it takes trust and creativity to have the courage to change the game completely, to be your own success in life – I will help you with that. 

I transform unsatisfying results and a split vision into an integrated body, and a clear and creative mind – the sky is the limit, but often you don’t even reach the rooftop of your office. That is why a lot of business leaders come to me for help.

Book me for a better result in life and in business.

Shamanism is for everyone

"I’ll tell you why shamanism makes you a better CEO, because you connect with your natural state as a creative child, curious of life."