Vlog with Shaman Kawita & Jenny Linnea
[in Swedish]

About Kawita

I am a Swedish shaman, a woman, and an entrepreneur.

I learned the hard way that everything you’ve been through in life gathers somewhere inside you and prevents you from living life fully.

As a child, I was abandoned and then raised by dysfunctional new parents. This experience held me back. I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried to live life like everyone else. You know; a house, a garden in the suburbs, a nice well-paid job in marketing. But my soul was so heavy. My body in pain. And I was completely blocked. Until I stumbled upon Inca shamanism. From that day in Mexico, in 1990, my life slowly shifted path. I started to practice shamanic energy medicine and the more I learned, the easier it was for me to surrender to the art of healing with thousands of years of Inca tradition.

A modern man, or a woman like me, probably needs shamanism even more than the generations before us. We simply lost the habit of listening deep within ourselves or listening to the nature around us, and perhaps we lost the habit of listening to the people we love the most. I want to help you find relief, the same way I found it, through shamanic healing.

I bring my Swedishness and culture into the Inca traditions and really feel where to unblock you how to guide you – so you can find your own answer – for the life you are living. Shamanism is my house, my body’s temple, and I invite you to stay with me. 


Shamanism is for everyone

“Wisdom is years and years of trying. Shamanic healing is all those years that walked before you that guides you to inner peace and creativity.”


Join me on the shamanic path and open up for your life.