Vlog with Shaman Kawita & Jenny Linnea
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Welcome to explore shamanic healing – so you can embrace life again.

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Clients based world wide

Find awareness about your patterns, your feelings and seek the truth within you.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an in-depth energy medicine that releases blockages so you can feel your energy flowing through your body again. I will help you erase the imprints and true beliefs that have created your illusions of yourself and who you should be.

You don’t need to hang on to baggage and negativity. You can create a new future from the present and reach your life purpose. With shamanic healing, you can let go, to start over.

Shamanism is for everyone

"The art of healing the modern man is based on thousands of years of tradition"


Do you seek to experience every new sensation you can in this life? Or do you just want to go back to the drawing board?

“She guides me to my own answers, every time”

“This caring person, and environment is divine”

“She helped me to let go of my past”

“I never met a person like Kawita before”

Grow your business

I work continuously giving mentorships to business leaders around the world. Shamanic healing is a great way to set the creativity free in everyone.

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I am a Swedish shaman, a woman, and an entrepreneur.

I learned the hard way that everything you’ve been through in life gathers somewhere inside you and prevents you from living life fully.

As a child, I was abandoned and then raised by dysfunctional new parents. This experience held me back. I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried to live life like everyone else. You know; a house, a garden in the suburbs, a nice well-paid job in marketing. But my soul was so heavy. My body in pain. And I was completely blocked. Until I stumbled upon Inca shamanism. From that day in Mexico, in 1990, my life slowly shifted path.