Shamanic Ceremonies

3 types of ceremonies.

I offer different types of ceremonies. For thousands of years, ceremonies have been an important part of people’s lives, including mine. Ceremonies are among the most beautiful and important tools for me. Let’s embrace and honour life together.

Cacao Ceremony


Sound Ceremony

Womb Healing


Cacao Ceremony

See life with the eyes of the heart!

Together we work to release your stress and open your heart so you can deepen your connection to your true self. Our elders say “ceremony is the way we remember to remember” and cacao is a powerful medicinal plant cherished and used by the indigenous people that embrace ceremonies.

No previous experience is needed, just come as you are.

Sound Ceremony

Are you ready for sound therapy?

We have all experienced the power of music to uplift or relax, to pump up and energize, or ground and calm us. Sound is life. Sound is energy. Sound is medicine, and I am your sound doctor.

All shamans have a particular specialty, and mine is to create sound waves by singing, rattling, drumming, and whistling. Sound is the most powerful tool I have come across that enables us to connect with the feelings we have inside and release what no longer serves us.

Womb Healing

It begins with the womb.

Your uterus must be in balance for you to be in balance. The space of the womb can act as an emotional litter box. This is where we often store energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and trauma. These imprints can remain buried in our subconscious and create energetic blocks in our womb space (or Hara for men).

This is the core of every woman’s body but often we forget it. My therapy puts you back in touch with your body, releases your stress, and allows you to bring back your inner fire.

Shamanism is for everyone

“Balance is not a static act of motion, it’s a way of continuously feeling the weight shifting in your feet, as you walk forward in life not letting go of your goal.”


No commitment

Book a free 15 minutes online scanning.

You never know until you tried right? If you are ready to learn more about shamanism and my ceremonies, I offer you a free pre-scan online.