Reiki Healing Courses

Become your own certificate Reiki healer.

Reiki means “the universal light” in Japanese and is the teaching about the energy of life that exists all around us. 


What is Reiki Healing?

Every thought we have, and every feeling, gets in the way of our body’s energy flow. Reiki is a loving & gentle healing that teaches us to heal ourselves – an intuitive stress relief, and relaxation teaching – that you learn from a Reiki Master. Reiki is easy to learn and simple to use.

You can also become a Reiki Master yourself to bring more universal light into this world and teach the techniques to others.

Reiki Level I

During these two days, you will be initiated and become a channel for life energy. You will learn the history, how to do a Reiki treatment on yourself and others, and get guidance moving forward. You will receive treatment and give treatment on both days.

Reiki Level II

At this level, you will learn the symbols discovered by dr. Usui in ancient Sanskrit, and how it can be used for distance healing. You will deepen your knowledge about Reiki and it’s history, and you will learn how to heal and send healing on a distance yourself. With Reiki II, the energy becomes stronger and the treatments more powerful and effective.

Reiki Level III

In this course, you get to become your own Reiki Master and start teaching these techniques to others. You must have attended my classes or repeated the course with me if you have taken level I and II from another Reiki Master.

Shamanism is for everyone

“We have not forgotten how to love in modern society, but sometimes that loving energy within needs to be unblocked”


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